let's go steady

Save big with monthly memberships

The perfect membership for someone who enjoys regular injectable treatments. Unfortunately, injectable treatments are a temporary solution and the results fade with time. Maintain the results you love with a monthly membership for exclusive discounts. 

injectables membership - $55/month 

the fountain of youth


What's included:

$50 off full syringes at each treatment 

20% off neurotoxin at each treatment 

1 free microdermabrasion facial after 4 months 

10% off additional skin care treatments 

20% off skincare products

1 monthly microdermabrasion facial ($125 value)

A membership for those seeking refreshed, radiant skin. Pamper yourself regularly with discounts on facials that'll leave everyone asking about your skincare routine. Pair those monthly facials with 20% off of take-home skincare products to keep your skin glowing all month long. 

skincare membership - $75/month

the glow getter


1 free microneedling OR chemic peel after 4 months

10% off all additional skin care treatments

20% off all skincare products

What's included:

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IV Therapy membership - $150/month

the revitalizer


What's included:

1 monthly Myers' Cocktail vitamin infusion 

2 free Glutathione boosters after 4 months 

2 free Vitamin D injections after 4 months

10% off all additional infusions/boosters

20% off all skincare products